EQI is a web-based company committed to helping equestrians both English and Western globally to create a professional format for presentation to potential sponsors.

So what's our story?

We have spent 5 years in market research and development before launching Equestrian Influence and its Divisions.  We researched the strength and weaknesses in the industry and our team created an effective solution to help bridge the gap between rider and sponsor.

We found there was a need for riders to receive consulting on how to present themselves professionally to potential sponsors.  These days, Brand Managers do not have the time to answer all the requests from individual riders.  Certain basic questions have to be answered for the Brand Manager so they can determine the rider's value for sponsorship dollars. It is no surprise that it is the toughest time to ask for sponsorship dollars ever.  Getting your information reviewed by the appropriate decision makers is no easy feat.  There is a serious disconnect regarding what exactly a sponsor needs to see in the proposal before they can consider a sponsorship endorsement.  That is where EQI and EQI SponsorConnect brings a team with over 35 years experience in sponsorships, television, branding and events to create a forum to help bridge the gap between riders and sponsors.

Signing up allows a sponsor to:

  • Review quality proposals
  • Interested Sponsors can review your profile, tour, and correspond to EQI their interest in you
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